Another COVID-19 post

A little over a year ago, I graduated from one computer screen to two–something I should have done ages ago. It has made my work so much easier! The unforeseen bonus is that I now have double the screen space to see some of the photos I have accumulated over years: I created a slide show that rotates randomly through a large number of them.

The majority are of people–kids and parents, cousins, nieces and nephews, siblings, and friends. Each photo acts as a reminder of some moment in my life and in theirs that made me happy.

Yesterday we had a large Zoom gathering with some of my family. It was an opportunity to see one another–a brief catch-up since we last Zoomed as a group in December. Hair and beards were longer. Children had stretched. But instead of bemoaning the fact that we were still unable to hug one another, we compared notes on vaccinations, on methods to find an appointment, on what different states were doing. There was a definite note of optimism. A nice feeling.

This morning an adorable photo came up of a young nephew, taken the last time I had seen him in person in 2019. So much has changed since then–not the least the fact that he looks very little like he did back then!

I wish I could have taken a new photo of him, as well as of his sister, and those of so many other folks, family and friends. The old photos still make me smile–after all, they contain happy memories. But I can’t wait to create new memories, and have a photo pop up on one of my screens to remind me of that happy event we had together.